What is Simple Scanner

Simple Scanner is an application we developed while I was working at Enrich Mobile. Simple Scanner is a PDF scanner application where you can scan your documents, convert them into PDF, sign your documents and send faxes. 


Ata Güneş - CCO
Metehan Kaya - Product Designer
Hamdi Küçük - Head of Product
Korhan Koral - Backend Developer
Gökhan Musapaşaoğlu - Android Developer
Amir Daliri - iOS Developer
Mutlu Çalıkoğlu - QA Manager

My Role

I can position myself as product designer in this project. I am responsible on competitor analysis, Wireframe work, Interface design, etc..


Combining a simple interface with ease of use, identifying features that users cannot find in other products in the industry, developing the product and having a share in the market.


While doing my research, I downloaded the most used applications that come to mind in this market. I took notes about interfaces. I took note of the problems I experienced while using it. I reviewed the store reviews and the comments on the forums.


I planned how I would visualize the wireframe stage with the information I gained from my research.

UI Design

I planned the layout as a result of the wireframes. At this stage, I have completed the design process in accordance with the target of the application.

Looking for help with design

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