What is Businesswise

It was a project where I worked as a freelance interface designer for Businesswise. Businesswise's main goal is to gather podcasts in various categories for professional people.


Vadi Efe  - Founder
Metehan Kaya - Product Designer

My Role

I worked as UI Designer on Businesswise project.


To bring professional people together with podcasts in various categories.


Before starting the project, while doing my research, I talked with the users of the companies that have made a name in this sector and took notes about the screens.


I clarified how to present the information that I've gathered during my research with wireframe and then I switched to interface design.

UI Design

Since our target audience is professional people, I avoided the use of colors too much and decided to set blue and navy blue as our main colors, which are identified with business life. In font selection, I chose the system font. It was the first project I did outside the country where I live, and it was instructive in many ways for me.

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